Resource Highlight: Q Chat Space (NSCW23)

The Resource: Q Chat Space The Description: An online space created to provide real-time support to LGBTQ+ youth both as as a whole and within their subcommunities. that is monitored by trained adult staff to ensure safety The Reasons I Recommend It: There are targeted chats for teens with specific identities and the chats are … Continue reading Resource Highlight: Q Chat Space (NSCW23)


Resource Highlight: Gender Spectrum (NSCW23)

The Resource: Gender Spectrum The Description: A comprehensive website for supporting transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming youth. The Reason I Recommend It: This website is a great source for counselors looking to educate themselves on gender terminology, trans and nonbinary youth experiences, and effective ways to support students in schools. It also is a great … Continue reading Resource Highlight: Gender Spectrum (NSCW23)