Workshops & Presentations

Here is a list of some of the workshops and presentations Angel has designed and delivered in the past and a playlist of educational videos she has created. If you would like to invite her to create a workshop or training specifically for your group or organization, please submit a request using the contact form.

“Am I Welcome Here?”: Language, Inclusion, & the Gender Triangle – Using GLSEN & InterACT’s Gender Triangle as a frame, this example-heavy session provides an introduction to gender inclusive language and an opportunity for participants to discuss best practices when speaking to or about people of diverse genders. Intended audience: members of SGL/LGBTQ+ affirming churches (version 1) or K-12 school communities (version 2). Shortened version focused on pronoun usage also available.

Tiering LGBTQ+ Support  – As more students than ever embrace their LGBTQ+ identities, the need for a comprehensive approach to supporting LGBTQ+ students has become imperative. This presentation will help school counselors meet that need by offering strategies and resources to help counselors at all grade levels align LGBTQ+ support with an MTSS framework. Intended audience: K-12 School counselors in Philadelphia (version 1), Pennsylvania (version 2), or nationwide (version 3).

Beyond Gay & Straight: An Intro to Understanding Bisexual & Asexual Experiences – When creating affirming church spaces, church leaders often focus their attention on creating spaces where gay/lesbian and straight believers can coexist. This approach fails to recognize that the experiences and needs of bisexual+ and asexual spectrum Christians differ from those of gay or straight believers. This conversation-heavy session aims to help church members better understand the unique needs of members of the bi+ and ace communities and think about ways to make their churches more welcoming to people in these communities. Intended audience: members of SGL/LGBTQ+ affirming churches, modifiable for educators on request.

Bisexual+ History Highlights – Using Celebrate Bisexuality Day (aka Bisexual Visibility Day) as a grounding point, this interactive session offers a brief look at historical contributions of bisexual+ activists to the LGBTQ+ community as a whole and key moments in the development of a national bisexual+ community from the 1960s-1990s. Intended audience: LGBTQ+ groups (high school, college, or older adult) and conferences.

Playlist of Educational Videos